Island Hopping

Island hopping – see traditional Maldivian houses, with many made of local vegetation and thatch, or coral stones. You will also see the mosque where the Muslim people pray five times a day, visit the local island school and see the many beautiful children. The beauty, culture and way of life on a small island will be explained by your Guest Relations Officer as you make your way through the village.


Snorkeling is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swim-fins.

Fish are the main attraction versus the coral/ sponges – excellent number and variety of fish.
Reef access points have been introduced.
Access is quite easy.   Walk across the island from the restaurant/ bar area to area shown on the map below as ‘good snorkeling’.
Current – direction varies, off the North beach.
Check the current, walk to your chosen end and wander in at sign posted access point.   If current looks strong just wait a bit for it to weaken.

The best snorkeling area is a nice, extensive, house reef where visibility is usually good.

Night Fishing

Night Fishing is traditional Maldivian “hand-reel bottom fishing” where you will catch Red Snapper, Barracuda and Groupers, all fantastic for eating. Fishing is known to be relaxing, but add to this the serenity of being on the ocean with thousands of stars in the night sky; this trip will be a lasting memory.

Trolling Fishing

Trolling fishing is done in the early morning whereby there are two big lines which have the bait and the boat keeps on moving, whereby chances are good to catch big game fish!

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